How to Lower Stress with Dr. Gruver

September 12, 2014

gruverRead Part Two of our interview with Dr. Kathy Gruver,, who discusses the importance of de-stressing in today’s bustling, over-committed society. The first part of our interview is available here:

Q.How do you recommend that people de-stress?

I think the ways that people de-stress is a very individual process. Massage is great as are things like meditation, visualizations, affirmations and mindfulness practices. For example, I do things like dance and flying trapeze to relax. I listen to loud rock music in the car and find that helps drain my stress away. What works for one person may not work for others. I know we have a huge yoga movement in this country. I believe that’s fabulous for some people but not others. I have had so many clients say, “I suppose I should be doing yoga.” Well maybe not, maybe it’s line dancing, kickboxing or hitting a golf ball.

Q.What role does massage therapy play in reducing stress?  How often should a person get a massage?

Massage therapy is one of the greatest ways to reduce stress and help with pain. When getting massage please seek out a qualified practitioner. There are many discount massage places popping up and you want to make sure you were getting a qualified practitioner who can listen to your issue and really have the knowledge to help you. I have worked on several court cases where an inexperienced or overenthusiastic massage therapist has injured a client. Do your due diligence. Massage helps increase circulation and blood flow to the area. It relaxes muscles and helps to release feel-good hormones in the brain. We are in a society where touch is often so deficient. I have many clients that get a weekly massage. That is, for many people, a huge time and financial commitment that just can’t be met. Every two to three weeks is what I recommend. When you get as far out as four or five weeks you revert back to old ways and you don’t see the cumulative effects and benefits.

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