Tackling Body-Mind Techniques with Dr. Hanoch Talmor

December 15, 2014

Dr. Hanoch Talmor has utilized body-mind techniques in his medical practice as a pediatrician and as an emergency room physician since 1976. He works extensively and instructs individuals and groups in the use of consciousness and personal growth in self-healing. He utilizes many holistic healing modalities including homeopathy, nutrition, chelation therapy and many others.Attachment-1

​In his general holistic medical practice, he treats patients of all ages. He works extensively with patients helping them to discover and manifest their unlimited self-healing potential. As a holistic physician, he considers the spiritual, emotional, and mental aspects of illness in his treatment approach. He is the author of the audio-cassette tape series: “Healing, Balance, Peace and Love” and the book: “Unconditional Healing.”

Dr. Talmor gives lectures and workshops on holistic and body-mind medicine both in the U.S. and internationally. He lectures on energy healing with natural physics to health professionals and the general public. He is the founder and director of The Better World Project.

How did you get interested in holistic medicine?

In the late Seventies, I was a pediatrician and had several patients who were sick and no one could explain why.  I spoke with the families and soon realized there was a conflict between the patient and their family.  As soon as I helped them to resolve the conflict, the patient got well overnight.  It was not something I had ever learned in medical school.  I started to explore and learned about healing visualization and imagery.  I began using it in my practice with excellent results.  A case of a teenager with severe deteriorating asthma was resolved with only 3 months of daily visualization.  This also works with acute illnesses.  The turning point, for me, was a case of a retired physician with advanced prostate cancer.  He was given three weeks to live after being seen and treated by a top cancer hospital.

He didn’t believe in anything other than conventional medicine, but with his dire prognosis and poor condition he agreed to work with me.  I didn’t expect much but I made him a visualization tape.  After three weeks of listening to the tape three times a day, he was back to work.  I was literally shocked by the results.

This experience taught me the effect of consciousness on health and healing and I began to study other holistic healing modalities which I now incorporate into my practice.

Are children receptive to body-mind techniques and what types of techniques resonate with them?

 Absolutely! Children can learn tools in a few seconds that adults take many hours and days to acquire.  Any experimental technique that doesn’t use mind logic will work with children.  There are many of them.  The most important education for children, as well as adults, is to realize that they are not victims.  Most problems in the world and personal conflicts are created by the underlying belief system that we are victims.  The result is the win-lose paradigm, rather than the win-win paradigm, where there are no victims and no human suffering.

What holistic healing modalities do you employ in your practice?

I employ many modalities in my practice.  Energetic modalities like Nutripuncture, homeopathy, biosyntonie, personal self-work Nutrition Herb Supplements, and Nutritional IV.  I educate patients to understand that the body is essentially perfect.  Nutripuncture is a mineral supplement that combines Eastern and Western medicines, helping to encourage cellular communication and balance the body so it can heal itself. By ingesting the prescribed sequence, users can see results for many health issues, including pain management. Encouraging cellular communication helps the body to understand itself and work in the most efficient way to produce the necessary results.  There are many issues today that most people are oblivious to. When people ignore these facts, the results they can achieve are often limited.

Tell me about your audio-cassette tape series: “Healing, Balance, Peace and Love” and where I can buy this?

 These visualizations are available on CDs and can be ordered by calling my office. The complete list is available on my website, www.DrTalmor.com

Tell me about your book “Unconditional Healing: Personal and Planetary Healing for the New Millennium.”

 The book explains how our belief system creates our reality and gives you tools to change your beliefs or awareness and actually stops you from being resistant to what is going on in your life.  You will realize that when you resist what is happening in your life, you make it more difficult to heal and solve problems. What you resist will always persist.  Once people realize that it makes healing and problem solving exponentially faster.  It’s not even necessary to believe me, if people use the tools in my book, they will do well.

What is the Better World Project?

 It is a project that I initiated years ago, but didn’t have the funding required to promote it on a large scale. You create what you focus on.  My intention was to get everyone to state three things they do daily to make the world a better place.  This is good PR for corporations, universities, and everybody in general.  It can shift consciousness from win-lose to win-win, which is the natural essence in all of us.  This is the idea in a few words, and it’s also on my website and explained in my book.

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