Holistic Remedies for Natural Pain Relief

January 25, 2016

In addition to the Salonpas line of products, what are safe and effective pain management options for pain sufferers?   Salonpas interviewed Jonci Jensen, ND, an Adjunct Professor at Bastyr University, whose practice is based largely in treating chronic pain diseases with naturopathic and homeopathic medicine, to discuss why she specializes in this area of medicine […]

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Nutrition Experts “Weigh” in on Popular Diets

January 11, 2016

Every few months, another weight loss diet craze rolls through our nation prodding people to endure juice fasts, alkaline-centric foods, and any other wild and crazy idea that may make some cash for the diet czar.  Salonpas® interviewed some leading nutrition and wellness authorities for their take on some popular weight loss regimes: Paleolithic Diet […]

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Facts and Fallacies on Weight Loss

January 4, 2016

Fats are good.  Fats are bad. Carbohydrates are good. Carbohydrates are the enemy. With the myriad of conflicting information bandied about, how can someone who wants to lose weight sort facts from fallacies? In the spirit of the New Year and the new “you,” Salonpas® interviewed leading nutrition experts to discuss how to best get to […]

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