Check Your Symptoms to Find Best Product for Aches & Pains

April 11, 2016

symptomsWhen you are in pain, it is important to check your symptoms to find the best Salonpas® product for your aches and pains.  We invite you to use the online Salonpas® symptom checker to locate your aches and pains.

Just hover over the affected areas and see our recommended products.  You can also browse through each symptom as well which includes arthritis pain, joint pain, lower back pain, muscle pain, neck & shoulder pain and sprain, strain and bruises.pain relief

Arthritis occurs from inflammation in your joints. With overuse or injury, cartilage on the end of the joints can break down, causing a narrowing of the joint space and the bones to rub together. This can lead to swelling, stiffness, and possibly osteoarthritis, the most common and typical type of arthritis. Another type of arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis, characterized by extreme inflammation on both sides of the body (such as hands, wrists, or knees.)  Whether you have rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, you know the debilitating effects it has on your daily life. While there is no known cure, the goal of treatment is to reduce pain, improve function, and prevent further joint damage. A combination of exercise, massage, and applying Salonpas® external pain relievers is often recommended.

Joint pain is often caused by overuse or injury and is usually experienced as a tenderness or discomfort when touched, inflammation of the area, a bruised feeling, or restriction from any sort of movement. Joint pain can affect any part of your body, from your ankles to your shoulders and is more common as you age. Joint pain can range from acute (going away after a few days or weeks) to chronic (lasting several weeks or months).  Whether the pain is mildly irritating or debilitating, the pain and swelling in the joints can affect your quality of life. Whatever the cause of joint pain, you can usually manage it with Salonpas® topical pain relievers and physical therapy. gel_review

Unfortunately, sooner or later, just about everybody will suffer from back pain. One of the main causes, whether acute or chronic, is strains to your back. And because nerves stretch out from the spinal cord throughout the entire body, back strain can cause pain in areas other than your back. Salonpas® offers several solutions (cold, heat, and NSAID external pain relievers) to achieve an optimal state of pain relief.

gelpatchhot6ctMuscle aches and pains can occur when your muscles are injured or overworked. The pain itself usually arises from a muscle spasm, which is a natural reaction that helps protect injured body parts by limiting their movement. Muscle pain can also involve ligaments, tendons, and fascia, the soft tissue that connects muscles, bones and organs.  Sore muscles are common after working out, playing sports, or even doing housework.  Muscle aches are also caused by too much tension or stress. Try Salonpas® Gel Patch Hot that includes both quick cooling and longer lasting heat sensations in one patch.

Neck and shoulder pain can be classified in many different ways. The most common cause of neck, shoulder and/or back pain is injury to the soft tissues including the muscles, tendons, and ligaments within these structures. Causes of neck pain include abnormalities in the bone or joints, trauma, poor posture, degenerative diseases, and muscle strain. Shoulder pain can stem from strains from overexertion, tendinitis from overuse, dislocation, fractures, or pinched nerves.  Mental stress is also a major cause of neck and shoulder pain and stiffness. A delay in treating minor pain could lead to chronic shoulder and neck pain which is the primary cause for intense headaches. Ward off discomfort in your neck and shoulder by placing Salonpas® pain reliever directly at the site of pain.

pain-smallSprains occur when you damage or tear ligaments. The most common sprains are in the ankles and wrists.  All it takes is a sudden twist, a momentary loss of balance, for the ligaments in your ankle or wrist to stretch too far or snap entirely. One of the best treatments for sprains is to rest, ice, and use a topical NSAID like Salonpas® Pain Relief Patches.

Bruises develop when small blood vessels under the skin tear or rupture, most often from a bump or fall. Blood leaks into tissues under the skin and causes the black-and-blue color. Bruises often induce pain, but small bruises are not normally dangerous alone. Home treatment, like applying Salonpas® pain relief topicals such as DEEP Relieving Gel, may help to reduce the pain.

* See a doctor for pain lasting longer than a few days.

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