The Martial Arts of Wellness

July 18, 2016

Salonpas® sat down with Kung Fu Master, Sifu Matthew, who invented the Martial Arts of Wellness to learn about his unconventional approach to healing which involves moving electromagnetic fields.  He claims to be able to shift energy and the forces of elements for rapid healing.

Matthew spent over forty years training in the Martial Arts and became hyper alert to the electromagnetism of the body based on its posture, position and flow.  “By focusing on feeling and sensing the motion and heat of an opponent I became aware of the internal strengths and imbalances of the organs based on their ability to be in harmony with the fields and create health or disharmony and create disease,” says Matthew.

How is Sifu Matthew able to move electromagnetic fields?  “All of us are moving electromagnetic fields and being moved by them in every moment in order to maintain our life force and health,” says Matthew.  “Our bodies and the environments around us function according to the movements of these fields that provide us different minerals and elements through our engagement with them. The heart, at the center of human body, works as an electromagnetic pump using the blood, nerves and bones as conductors to connect with these fields. Through focusing the electromagnetic force of the heart and direction of our position we can connect to these fields and manipulate them to revitalize ourselves.”

What is the role of moving electromagnetic fields and pain relief?  “The body is designed through its interaction with these fields and their accompanying minerals and elements to absorb and utilize these forces to create health and vitality,” says Matthew.  “When forces are at odds within the body, the body cannot move or circulate and friction fields are created which is the root of all pain. To restore the pain the internal motion and flow or coherence of fields must be restored.”

Does diet play a role in contributing to sickness?  “Yes, you must eat healthily and take care of your body,” says Matthew. “Poor food intake can minimize healings and lead to contributing factors of sickness.  I recommend avoiding processed foods of all kinds, sugars (even too much fruit can be a problem for some people), wheat, pasteurized of processed dairy, caffeine, processed salt, fried foods and too much grains.”

Matthew says that his healing assists in bone, joint, nerve and spine degenerative conditions, circulatory disorders and inflammatory conditions, immune system disorders, endocrine system imbalances, sleep disorders, PTSD and all energetic imbalances.

During the sessions, which are held both in-person in his New York City studio and online, Mathew assesses the subject’s field quietly before clearing obstructions and beginning the rewiring process. After rewiring and balance are achieved, he works on regenerating and stabilizing the minerals and elements in the bones, organs, tissues, and nerves. He works on micro-electric circuitry in the physical and energetic levels of the body to re-pattern what is not functioning. His ability to re-circuit and re-mineralize using the specific elements, allows the body to maintain the precise new alignments for health, power and strength.

How long does it take for Matthew’s healing to take affect? “It ranges from instantaneous to several treatments depending on the density of the blockages and the ability for their body to restore balance,” says Matthew. “Often relief for long standing conditions can be felt immediately because the body desires to move back to its electromagnetic balance once it has the fuel or forces it needs. Once the forces are moved initially, people are given their own exercises that engage the fields and elements through motion and direction to heal them.”

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