Top Five Ways to Improve Posture and Reduce Back Pain

August 29, 2016

What is the role of poor posture and back pain? How can someone with bad posture improve it? Salonpas connected with leading wellness professionals for tips and techniques. “Back pain is a serious public health problem that not only affects adults, but is now seen increasingly in children and adolescents,” says Dr. Hallie Zwibel, Director of Sports Medicine at the New York Institute of Technology. “Back packs, although common, can be debilitating if not adequately controlled. As a society we have seen an increasing social and economic burden due to this condition in the form of absence from work and difficulties with family responsibilities due to pain.”

IMG_0195“Back pain is usually not due to one specific condition, but a series of causes,” says Dr. Zwibel. “One cause which has been gaining increased attention is poor posture.  Many activates associated with poor posture, such as being in front of a TV or computer screen, have already been linked to back pain.  Unfortunately, Americans are spending an average of eleven of their sixteen-to-eighteen waking hours per day in front of a screen which is undoubtedly worsening the problem.”

Mind Your Posture – The good news is that there are proven ways to improve posture.  “The first step is to give attention to how one is sitting or standing,” says Dr. Zwibel.  “One way to develop this skill is the practice of mindfulness.  Mindfulness is less a technique and more a state of being which focuses on awareness of the present moment.  There are numerous exercises that can help develop this ability such as practicing a 5-minute breathing awareness drill.”

Carmen Curtis, AlReal Yoga

Carmen Curtis, AlReal Yoga

Strengthen Your Core – “Strengthening the core is also important for your posture the core, your center, where your energy begins, your confidence,” says Carmen Curtis, acclaimed yogi and founder of  AlReal Yoga.  “Once the spine is aligned it’s important to strengthen the muscles around the spine to keep it in the correct posture.”

“Yoga and Pilates are perfect ways to strengthen the core,” says Dr. Zwibel.  “A good beginner exercise to try at home is ‘the bridge.’  While lying on your back, with the knees bent   and the back in a neutral position, tighten your abdominal muscles to raise our hips off the floor.  This can be repeated from the starting position several times.”

Remember to Stretch – “Poor posture or misaligned spine can make us less efficient and can cause pain,” says Curtis.  “Stretching is important to improve the posture using techniques to decompress the spine like using an aerial yoga hammock to help realign the spine, decompress relieve pain.  also doing shoulder stretches to open the heart and chest this is good to help with the posture and strengthening the shoulder blades to help keep the shoulders back.

Survival of the Fittest Demands Good Posture – “Life is based on survival of the fittest, and intelligence is not enough to be the winner on stage,” says Julie Rammal, posture politics and holistic fitness expert.  “Your posture plays an important role on making you stand out of the crowd, it can change you from being a loser to a winner.”

“Remember those days when you were a kid and everyone was afraid of the big tough kid who walked confident and tall,” asks Rimmal. “Your posture holds your entire lifetimes story, your ability to communicate, your pain and emotions, and who you really have become to be. There are $8B muscles that can make you that big tough winner for life. Welcome to the rhomboids, latissimus dorsi, trapezius, erector spinae, internal and external oblique’s, transverse and rectus abdominus.”

Julie Rammal

Julie Rammal

lumo_lift_iphone_white_high_resGentle Reminder on Posture – “Having a gentle reminder keep you thinking about your posture can help break the bad habit,” says  Dr. Charles Wang is a former general practitioner and current co-founder and COO of Lumo Bodytech, a wearable device technology company that produces products to give your body a voice. “Keep a post-it note at your desk that reminds you to sit up straighter, or even opt to stand if you have a standing desk. If you want to track your posture closely, Lumo Lift can be a great tool to help — it’ll give you a gentle buzz anytime you’re sitting, standing, or walking with poor posture.”

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