Salonpas Interview with Biomechanic Product Innovator

October 24, 2016

Few would have predicted that a Lenin scholar from Siberia who was born in the heart of the Cold War would ultimately create biomechanical innovation called The Pelvic Clock.  Salonpas sat down with Yana Blinova, a rhythmic gymnast turned biomechanics expert and inventor, to discuss the personal health motivation behind creating The Pelvic Clock: How […]

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The Knees Have It: Pain Relief Tips for Knees

October 17, 2016

By Oklahoma Pain Management Imagine 5 o’clock traffic on a Friday. Traffic is backed up for miles in each direction, and it seems as though the drive home will take hours and the weekend will never begin. The knee is a major highway intersection in the body, connecting tendons, bones, and ligaments. This intersection keeps leg movements […]

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Upward Salute with Veronica Zador – A Salonpas® “Wellness Warrior”

October 10, 2016

In our second installment of the Salonpas® “Wellness Warriors” series where we connect with people on the forefront of health and wellness, we meet certified yoga instructor Veronica Zador, director of the first hospital-based teacher training program in the United States, the Beaumont School of Yoga Therapy. Zador, a former yoga school owner and yoga […]

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Meet Dr. Kathy Gruver: Wellness Warrior

October 3, 2016

Salonpas® introduces our “Wellness Warriors” series where we connect with people on the forefront of health and wellness.  In our first installment, we speak with Kathy Gruver, PhD, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet, author, licensed massage therapist, Reiki master, hypnotherapist and leading authority on health and wellness, about her journey. How did Kathy get into the […]

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