Getting Motivated to Work-Out – Tips from Top Trainers – Part 4

January 20, 2017

Garage Gym Planner, a site that offers popular expert-curated reviews about fitness equipment, interviewed 100 of the country’s leading health and fitness experts to get their top three tips for the New Year.  Here is our fourth installment of health and fitness professionals’ top tips for fitness:

MICHAEL WITTIG, ISSA Certified Trainer

We are beings of emotion. It’s one of the things that make us human. Some of us are more emotional than others, but at some point we all feel happiness, love, sadness, and depression.

Our feelings will have a big factor on our motivation in the gym and overall health progress. When talking to new training clients at my gym one of the biggest factors holding people back from their fitness aspirations is a lack of motivation.

Prepare a Battle Plan

Wars are won with strategy. It goes the same when it comes to our own daily battles with meals and finding time to exercise. My personal battle plans are devised weekly and daily.

Be Consistent Not Perfect

I find that a lot of people’s worst enemy is the quest for perfection. If a workout is skipped or a chocolate donut devoured they just fall off the wagon and quit.

This Is Bigger Than You

One of the forces that drive me to live a fit lifestyle is that I love being a dad. It’s really what I do best. I want to be around as long as possible to be with my family.

LAUREN GLEISBERG, Health and Fitness Enthusiast

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. To achieve results that last, I recommend

Finding Workouts You Enjoy and Switching Them Up

If you like the workouts you’re doing, you’ll likely develop a habit of keeping up with them. Try out new classes. Work-out at home some days and in the gym on other days.

Enlist a Friend

Having a buddy to live a healthier lifestyle with will not only keep you accountable, but it will make the process fun and enjoyable.

Track Your Progress

Seeing progress both inside and out is the best way to keep your motivation sky high. Ditch the scale and instead assess your progress with photos, journaling and physical strength.

HENRY CROFT, Editor and Fitness Expert

Keep a Training Log

One of the keys to progressing in the gym is to keep an accurate training log. You get fitter/stronger/bigger by gradually increasing the key stressors on your body over time.

Take a Cold Shower

I’ve recently introduced cold showers into my daily regimen for their health benefits and invigorating qualities.

Get More Sleep

I see many trainees doing everything right when it comes to eating and training, but letting themselves down results-wise by not getting enough rest and recovery.

MELINA JAMPOLIS, Diet & Fitness Expert, CNNhealth

Lose the All Or Nothing Mentality

So many of my patients get off track because they think that if they can’t get their full workout in they can/should just skip their workout that day – this is absolutely incorrect.

Have a Plan B When It Comes To Exercise

If you can’t make it to that 5am spin class have a backup plan (or two). If you don’t it’s too easy for life to get in the way and for your to quickly get out of your exercise routine.

Sit Less

While this isn’t exactly a fitness tip it does factor into improving health as research shows that regardless of how much exercise you get sitting too much can increase your risk of dying.

JOHN MEADOWS, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Overthinking Is Bad

Don’t over analyze your meal plan. It is impossible to start with a perfect “diet.” Just put together a solid meal plan and then adjust it as you go. Just get in the game!

Go A Bit Easy On Yourself

Don’t take out all the foods you love, even if you think they are bad! Try to eat nutrient rich, non-processed foods 90% of the time, but the other 10% of the time, enjoy fun food!

Fitness Takes Priority

Make exercise a priority. Set aside time to exercise 4 or 5 days a week, and don’t deviate from it. Pretty soon it will be a habit and will become ingrained into your daily routine!


NICHOLA WHITEHEAD, Registered Dietitian

Tyr Getting Outdoors

Instead of sitting inside during your lunch break make an excuse to get outdoors for some fresh air. Getting outside not only will increase your step count, but it’ll help you absorb Vitamin D.

Home Lunches

Make your lunch at home either the night before or on the morning. When you make lunch from home you are more in control of what goes into it.

Get Social

Scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is a popular thing to do during a lunch-time break, but why not make your Friday scrolling healthy.

KENNY DAVIN FINE, Academic Medical Doctor

Regular Exercise

Exercise may be in moderation but exercise often, at least 5 times a week for at least 20-30 minutes.

Keep It Fun And Light

Exercise should be fun and relaxing… the “no pain, no gain” era is a bygone and leads to stress and injuries.

Develop a Routine

If you are exercising for weight loss, exercise at the same time and do the same exercise daily.

QUENTIN VENNIE, Wellness Expert and Author

Remember Why You Started.

So often we lose motivation because we’re focused on the desired goal, not the initial intention. If the goal is to lose weight, remind yourself why losing weight is important to you.

Reframe Your Idea of Time

People tend to lose motivation when their goals don’t match up with the expected time frame. Time is a resource, not the determining factor between success and failure.

Your Journey Doesn’t Need To Look Like Anyone Else’s

Comparison is the stepfather of disappointment. STOP COMPARING! Your journey is just as unique as you are. So what if Sarah from work just joined a bikini competition.


DAVID LYONS, Bodybuilder and Gym Owner

Have the Right Mindset

The first tip in fitness motivation is to prepare your MINDSET. The biggest cause of failure in fitness is the lack of focus and drive to succeed and reach goals.

Choose the Right Program

Now that you have the right mental focus, find a program that fits YOU not someone else that you have read about in a fitness magazine or seen in a video.

Set the Right Goals

Set your goals and make them challenging yet realistic so you do not set yourself up for failure. Short term goals are as important as long term ones.

JENN BODNAR, Co-Founder, Yoga Digest

Get In The Zone

Sometimes it may be a run or a HIIT workout, others it may be yoga class or a walk in nature. Even a powerful, deep breathing meditation can create the same release as a workout.

Don’t Follow the Crowd When It Comes To Food

When you choose a balanced diet for your specific needs you can feel good about what you eat; even the occasional splurge. We are all wired differently.

Be Present

Take some time to be alone. Make rest and sleep a priority. Turn off the TV. Spend time with people who make you forget about your phone. Spend time in places that have “no service.”

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