How to Motivate Yourself To Work-out: Experts Reveal Their Top 3 Tips For 2017

January 23, 2017

Garage Gym Planner, a site that offers popular expert-curated reviews about fitness equipment,  interviewed 100 of the country’s leading health and fitness experts to get their top three tips for the New Year.  Salonpas® is sharing these tips in a 10-part series over the coming weeks.

It’s that time of the year when thousands of people sign up for new gym memberships and then a majority of them just give up the very next week or month. The first question on everyone’s mind is “How to get fit in 2017?” a close second is “How do I motivate myself to stay fit?”

How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out in 2017:

There are no shortcuts to fitness and you have to motivate yourself enough to get out the door and get working out. A gym is an option to put your fitness plans into action. If you live far away from a gym, then you also have the option to get your own home gym set up with all the equipment that you’d ever want from a gym. Motivating yourself to working out for some is harder than the workout!

Since this has been a recurring theme in the fitness industry, Garage Gym Planner went straight to the source and asked fitness experts a simple question: What Would Be Your 3 Best Fitness Motivation Tips For 2017?

KRIS GUNNARS, CEO and Founder, Authority Nutrition

Form habits — which put willpower on “autopilot.”

Just get started — the hardest part is often getting your foot out the door.

Daily weighing and frequent measuring can be a good way of maintaining awareness and motivation, especially if your goal is to lose weight.

MALIA FREYHealth Coach, Trainer and Nutrition Specialist,

Here are some quick tips:

Short And Long-Term Goals

It’s great to want to change your body, but change takes time. While you’re on the journey to a better body, set small achievable goals to serve as stepping stones along the way.

Move Your Body

Do some kind of physical activity every day. Easy workouts matter just as much as hard ones. So plan to be active every single day to burn maximum fat but still give your body time to recover.

The Power Of Good Nutrition

Nothing tanks your motivation like fatigue. A healthy diet will not only fuel your workouts, but can also boost your mood and help you to feel full, satisfied, and energetic all day long.

Water-exercises-to-alleviate-chronic-pain-700x466ERIN FALCONER, Editor in Chief & Co-Owner, Pick The Brain

Working out (smartly) can bring the most dynamic benefits to your life. In my experience, a great workout help both your body and mind in equal measure. That’s why it’s so strange that more often than not it feels like a struggle to get yourself to do it!

My 3 quick tips:


Try and get a quick morning work-out in. The later in the day you work out, the more time you have to come up with excuses. A workout in the morning kick starts your metabolism.


To me, there is only one way to work out – and that is with loud, great music! Nothing gets me as pumped up (which really helps with the mental part) than a killer track.


How great do you feel right after you’ve had a vigorous workout? REMEMBER THAT FEELING and take a moment to feel it, before you workout, to get all the motivation you need!

BEN GREENFIELD, Ex-Bodybuilder and Coach, Ben Greenfield Fitness

Use Social Accountability

Social accountability, and the ability to brag to others, are both great ways to get externally motivated to exercise. Create a Facebook page or start a blog or a Twitter account.

Get a Workout Buddy

To keep you from sleeping through a workout, there’s nothing like knowing a friend is tapping their feet waiting for you to show up for a 6 am run.

Consider a Personal Trainer

Though a friend can certainly motivate you to exercise, a personal trainer will push you, provide you with a plan, and get you workout results even faster.

Make a Plan

Even if you can’t afford a personal trainer, one of the best ways to motivate yourself is to know what kind of workout you’re going to do.

JENNIPHER WALTERS, Co-Founder, Co-Author & Editor, Fit Bottomed Girls

 Every Healthy Decision Counts

If you can only work out 10 minutes, workout 10 minutes! It’s better for you than lounging on the couch.

Grab Some Buds

Everything’s better with friends—everything. So sign up for a race with a team of your gal pals or grab a workout buddy for this early morning workouts.

Embrace The Soreness

Being sore may feel uncomfortable and be annoying, but it’s a good thing! The burn is a sign that your body is getting stronger in all the right places!

CONNIE SOBCZAK, Author, Educator, Mentor, The Body Positive

 Rid Yourself Of Stress

Exercise to release stress and to be strong instead of for weight loss. Focusing on weight loss will backfire and make you unhappy. Focusing on fitness and fun will bring you joy.

Be What You Are

Exercising to care for your body instead of trying to become someone you’re not will make you healthier, and it will also feed your soul.

Adequate Rest

Rest when you’re tired. Your body is filled with wisdom. It will tell you when you need to push yourself out of a rut of inactivity, but it will also tell you when it’s truly time for rest.

IMG_0195BETH SHAW, CEO and Founder, Yoga Fit

Mix it up!

Make sure that you’re doing a mixture of cardio strength training yoga every week

Also make sure that you are trying some new classes and techniques to spice things up.

Keep Workouts Short

Remember that cortisol levels will be increased if you work out for more than 45 minutes.

Keep your weight workouts short 30 to 45 minutes and do that more often for best results.


Try meditation meditation is a beautiful way to recover your body and your mind. Meditation can help you lower your court is all levels your heart rate and your stress levels.

LAURA TONG, Health Professional and Editor, Good Lifezen

My 3 best fitness motivation tips for 2017

Be Honest to Yourself

Find your reason, your deep down, honest-to-yourself reason for wanting to make fitness a priority in 2017. Pick the one that makes you ache because you want it, because you really want it.

Make It Fun

No matter how big your ‘why’ is, you need to enjoy your fitness endeavors because when your day’s been overly long, it’s too easy to push your healthy pursuits to the back

Reward Yourself

No matter how disciplined you might be, there’s nothing more encouraging that getting a reward. And particularly because the rewards here take a while to kick in.

Dr. JILL TIEMAN, Clinical Nutritionist and Chiropractor, Real Food Forager

My 3 best fitness motivation tips for 2017:

Set A Reasonable Goal

Trying to motivate yourself without a goal is like getting on the train with no destination in mind. Establish your goals however small or large.

Grab A Partner

If you find that you cannot get to the gym with any regularity, having a buddy will help motivate both you and your buddy.

Start With A Trainer

If you have no one to go with, hire a trainer for a few sessions just to get you going. Learn all you can from the trainer and then you can continue on your own.

SHARON PALMER, The Plant-Powered Dietitian

Sustainable Fitness

By that I mean, make your fitness plan something that can work with your work, family, budget or school schedule.

Enjoyable Fitness Programs

If you hate your workout, you’ll find all sorts of reasons to quit it. It should be something you enjoy doing.

Healthy Eating

Nutrition goes hand in hand with physical fitness goals. Create a healthful diet plan focusing on minimally processed plant foods, and skip fad diets that are unsustainable over the long haul.

Workout Motivation Quote #1

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”

Michael Jordan, 6-time NBA Championship winner

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