Getting Motivated to Work-Out – Tips from Top Trainers – Part 3

February 6, 2017

Garage Gym Planner, a site that offers popular expert-curated reviews about fitness equipment,  interviewed 100 of the country’s leading health and fitness experts to get their top three tips for the New Year.  Here is our third installments of health and fitness professionals’ top tips for fitness:

LAURA LONDON, Coach, Holistic Nutritionist and Fitness Specialist

Goal Setting

Set small goals that are attainable. You will reach them and then move on to the next one. Think of them as a ladder taking you rung by rung to get to the top.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Let them know how much their support means to you and talk with them when you need a motivation boost. They want to see you succeed.

Don’t Quit and Then Start Over

Finish what you start. So many people never achieve the results they want because they never let themselves get far enough. They quit before the results were just about to happen.

BEN COOMBER, Performance Nutritionist

Look Internally For Motivation Rather Than Externally

What is it you want to achieve, and why, and go deep on those answers, which many are not prepared to do. Only when we go deep on our whys do we become truly motivated.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

It’s awesome to have goals and wants and aims, but if we have too many it becomes unachievable and we become demotivated as we are failing at some of the goals.

Surround Yourself with The Right Kind Of People

Take a friend to the gym that is on the same journey as you, hit the same fitness class together, and share on the journey together. Share recipes, ideas, methods and everything.

bicycleKRISTA STRYKER, Certified Personal Trainer and Founder

Set Goals That Excite You

Working out and eating healthy just to look good usually isn’t enough of a motivator for most people. Instead, try and find some fitness goals that you’ve always wanted to do.

Lack of Time? HIIT

If your biggest excuse to skip your workouts is lack of time, shorten your workouts! High intensity interval training (HIIT) is an awesome option for anyone with lack of time.

Have Fun!

Working out and staying active shouldn’t be torture, so if you dread every single workout you do, something is definitely wrong with your approach. Key is to find a fun routine and stick to it.

ANDREA METCALF, Certified Fitness Trainer

Today is always the best day to start.

And remember that even if you fall off track you can always get started again!

Workout first thing in the morning…

It’s your appointment with yourself to be focused and still to plan out your day.

Get a partner, a group or even your dog to keep you accountable

Remember it has to be fun or you won’t keep doing it.

JEREMY SCOTT, Author, Coach, Athlete and Trainer

Proper Nutrition

Your training program and “diet” do not have an expiration date. Seek out something that can turn into your lifestyle and ultimately last forever if you want sustained success.

Prepare For Changes

Fat loss and weight loss is easy once you realize how hard it is. The three most important pieces in this order: mindset, nutrition and training.  If you can truly focus your mind on your goals the rest will follow.

Find Like-Minded People

You are the average of the five people who associate with the most. Your health and fitness lifestyle is no different; your inner circle strongly influences the choices you make.

DANI STEVENS, Popular Fitness Food Motivator

Get In a Crowd

Always surround yourself with like-minded people. Getting cheered and supported daily over at our Instagram account at DaniStevens365 is what we all find motivating each day.

Stick To Fresh

Fresh is best. Since taking my food to work and preparing each day, I am in control of what goodness goes into my body.

Get A Move On

Move your body every day. 10,000 steps per day 365 days of the year is what it’s all about. Join a gym, get a fitness wearable to monitor and motivate you to move your body.

ABBY LAND, Certified Running Coach

Get Goals

Start off with a goal and break it down into the steps it will take to meet that goal.

Plan Your Fitness

Schedule your workout in a planner just like you would any other appointment and then keep that appointment.

Catch A Break

Always be kind to yourself both physically and mentally.

DANIEL GILDNER, German Fitness and Sports Coach

Stay motivated for your goals!

Nutrition is more important than your training. Nutrition first!

Be your own opponent in each training to achieve the exercises

BRANDON CARTER, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

Get your diet right. You can’t out train a bad diet.

Track your progress and measure. If you ain’t testing, you’re guessing

You’re only going to get a little better each day. Have patience and don’t rely on motivation, rely on habits.

TEAM FEARLESS, Workout Motivation tips

Set Goals

No human is capable of achieving amazing results if they don’t first KNOW what results they want. Just as an archer can’t hit a target that isn’t there or a pilot find a destination that isn’t defined.

Your goals should be big, something that pushes you to become better than you ever were before, to achieve better results than you have ever achieved before. If you set big, ambitious goals, even if you don’t quite make it you will have succeeded because you should be in your best ever shape.

Put Something Positive In Your Ear!

Get motivated! Many people don’t follow through with their fitness goals because they lack inspiration and powerful motivation. Ditch your personal trainer and inject your workouts with some passion. Find something that will light a spark in you and get you to take action. Something that will get you excited to go to the gym, not go because you “have to” but go because you WANT to.

Before Photos And Deadlines

Before photos are a powerful motivator because they force you to face reality. Take your before photo and don’t cheat! No sucking in or choosing good light. This must be real. Have a good look, and if it’s not pretty – make a promise to yourself it will change and it will change TODAY! Right now! Not tomorrow, or Monday after this weekend. RIGHT NOW.

Added to that make a COMMITMENT of 8-12 weeks, an exact date of when you plan to take an “After” photo. To raise your commitment level, tell someone or many people you know about your commitment date so you can’t back out.

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