Getting Motivated to Work-Out – Tips from Top Trainers – Part 7

March 20, 2017

bicycleGarage Gym Planner, a site that offers popular expert-curated reviews about fitness equipment, interviewed the country’s leading health and fitness experts to get their advice to get and stay healthy and fit.  Here is our seventh installment of fitness from leading health and fitness professionals:

JOAN PAGANO, Joan Pagano Fitness

Consistency > Intensity

If you are just starting out consistency is more important than intensity. Make your routine manageable in terms of your schedule and budget.

Calisthenics is The Key

Learn proper form in bodyweight basics like pushups, squats and planks that you can do anytime, anywhere, no equipment needed.

Stay Mobile

Choose to move throughout the day. For every hour of sitting, get up and walk around for five minutes to get your blood flowing and do a few stretches to counteract sedentary work.

AMY DARCY, Eat, Pray, Workout

End Comparisons

Don’t compare yourself to where others are at in their fitness journey. What’s the point? It’s more likely to pull you down than it is pump you up, so set your own goals.

Nutrition is Important

Eat well. If you’re not sure how to adequately fuel your body for the workouts you do, seek professional advice from a dietitian. They can help you work wonders!

Get Good Workout Gear

Get some workout gear that you feel comfortable in. There’s nothing worse than feeling self-conscious in an outfit. Get something to wear that makes YOU feel great!

COURTNEY BENTLEY, Certified Personal Trainer

Motivate Yourself and Set Goals

Find motivation to conquer your goals and set performance goals! When you set a goal to do 5 unassisted pull-ups or run a 5k without stopping you can measure the goal.

JUSTIN MILLER, Home Workout Expert

Have a Vision

Identify what you want to accomplish and why it matters to you

Take Stock

Get clear on what tradeoffs will have to be made in order to reach those goals

Create a Schedule

Make time for it. I’m often amazed by how many people skip this step. Make it an appointment with yourself in your schedule.

MARIAH DOLAN, Physical Therapist & Certified Personal Trainer

Find An Online Group For Support And Accountability

When you start a fitness journey alone it’s easy to lose energy quickly. With an accountability group, you surround yourself with others accomplishing the same goals.

Workout in The Morning

If you’re busy (okay, who’s not?) you need to embrace morning workouts. Most of us have jam-packed schedules from 8:00am until bedtime.

Find Workouts You Love

I hate biking (there, I said it!) So I don’t bike. If you force yourself to do something each day that you dread, it will be difficult to keep going. Find a form of exercise you enjoy and stick with it!

LISA BAHAR, Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist

Reasonable Goals

Avoid putting a time frame to meet the goal, for example losing 10 pounds by March, rather set a goal for 10 pounds. Make sure you take time to rest and cheerlead yourself.

Adequate Rest

An important consideration is to get rest per your body needs, eat nutritiously, maintain medication as prescribed if relevant, avoid or not use mood altering substances.

CHRIS COOPER, Personal Trainer

Focus on Behavior or Performance

… rather than outcomes to increase adherence. People get wrapped up in losing “x” amount of weight or inches or whatever. But have no control over that outcome.

Search for Meaning

Find your why, meaning why are you exercising or dieting. It shouldn’t be punishment or have negative connotations. It should be about creating a new you.

Enjoy the Journey

Lastly avoid looking at how far you have to go, it’s about how far you’ve come. We get wrapped up in a goal and not even looking back at how much we’ve accomplished.

SCOTT SHETLER, Extreme Fitness

Have Long and Short Term Goals

Set both long term and short term goals. Long term goals are great, but I feel having smaller goals is important as well.

Give Yourself a Break

Do not beat yourself up if you miss a training session or have an unplanned “cheat” meal. I’ve seen people struggle with their diet because they go out and eat badly.

Focus on the Journey

… and not the destination. Sure many people want the big arms or the six pack abs, but fitness is really more about the healthy lifestyle.

KAYLA MATTHEWS, Fitness Expert

Stay Flexible

My one advice would be all about being flexible – in your daily routines, in your approach to self-care and in your overall fitness goals. Allow yourself wiggle room.

DAN HICKS, Gym owner

Embrace the Cold

Taking a cold shower teaches your mind to be resilient and persevere in tough situations. Also it reduces inflammation and wakes you up better than coffee.

Get Your Lymphatic System Going Early

You have 3 times more lymph than blood in your body, but unlike your heart no pump to get it moving. Jump up and down 100 times or do 2 minutes on jump rope first thing when you wake up.

Amazing Everest

Anytime that you don’t feel like working out or think that you can’t because of this or that, Google search the following phrase “man with no legs climbs Mount Everest.”

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