Wellness Warrior: Lisa Jacobson, Founder, The Daily Migraine

May 8, 2017

The Salonpas® “Wellness Warriors” series connects with people on the forefront of health and wellness.  In this installment, we speak to Lisa Jacobson, Founder, The Daily Migraine about her quest to unite migraine sufferers and share information and recommendations.

Why and when did you start The Daily Migraine and what are your goals for this community?  “I started TheDailyMigraine in 2014,” says Lisa Jacobson.  “As a sufferer of an estimated 9,000 migraines, I wanted to find people who had daily migraines like me, and unite those sufferers to share information, recommendations and more.  Today, there are 300,000 followers, the largest number of ‘migraineurs; in one place anywhere in the world.”

How are chronic migraines defined and how many people in the United States suffer from them? “When it comes to chronic migraines, if a sufferer has more than 15 days of migraine each month, they are considered chronic,” says Jacobson.  “Currently, an estimated 11 million people nationwide are chronic migraine sufferers.”

How can a migraine sufferer find the best physician to help them address their pain? “Go to https://www.thedailymigraine.com/physician-finder/   I have worked hard to compile a list of headache clinics throughout the U.S. as well as a list of the 500 migraine doctors trained specifically in headache medicine in the U.S.  It is important to find a doctor who ONLY treats migraines and is credentialed to do so.”

What is the role of the artwork you share from “migraineurs” for you and fellow migraine sufferers? “TheDailyMigraine.com is my passion project,” says Jacobson.  “As a result, I get to use all my talents and interests.  I love art, design and visual impact, so I choose pieces of stock art and turn them into meaningful, funny or hopeful memes. Sometimes, I think of the words and then come up with the photo.  Other times, I challenge myself with choosing a photo and then writing the meme.  Many have gone viral.  I think that migraine sufferers love being treated with respect and dignity.  Providing art to look at and think about rather than something cheesy is much appreciated.  It has an even greater impact on them and the rest of the world that does not understand migraines.  A picture is worth a thousand words!”

What is the Migraine Hat and did you develop this? “The Migraine Hat (wearable ice hat)  is one of the few things on the market that make almost all ‘migraineurs’ feel better instantly.  An ingeniously designed fleecy black hat in which you pop a special ice pack in, the Migraine Hat will quickly bring migraine levels 9 down to a 7 so that the sufferer can sleep, or a level 7 down to a 5 in order for the person experiencing the migraine to get vertical and function enough to, for example, put the kids on the bus, make dinner, etc.  It’s all about dulling the pain. The Migraine Hat comes with two ice packs so the user has the ability to switch them out.  Sufferers and their families are raving about it.  All proceeds from the Migraine Hat are put towards migraine awareness.

What did do before you founded The Daily Migraine? “I am a business owner, but still find 40 hours per week to work on TheDailyMigraine.com.  I’m in it until there is a cure!”

How has The Daily Migraine community helped migraine sufferers worldwide? “It has given a voice to people with migraine everywhere.  Sufferers no longer feel alone.  The Daily Migraine= Help, Hope, Healing and Humor.”

Does your community address the non-chronic migraine sufferer?  “Yes, absolutely,” says Jacobson. “Everything that is relevant to chronic migraine is relevant to the non-chronic sufferer as well.  TheDailyMigraine.com is a migraine library.  Everything is available on the site.

What are your Wellness Warrior plans for 2017 and beyond?  “I plan to spread the word that a migraine is NOT a headache, thus reducing the stigma we all feel,” says Jacobson.  “Eventually migraine will be taken seriously, and we will be able to get much greater funding for it.  We WILL find a cure.”

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