Meet Cupping Therapy Wellness Warrior: Stella Rubinshteyn

August 28, 2017

For most of us, the first time we heard of cupping therapy was when Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps was spotted poolside with strange reddish purple circles on his body, and we learned that the marks were a therapy he had had performed on purpose.  Meet Salonpas® Wellness Warrior Stella Rubinshteyn, founder of  who was introduced to cupping when she was a child.

When were you introduced to cupping?

I was introduced to cupping many years ago, during my childhood – as you may know, cupping is an ancient Asian, Middle Eastern, and European tradition, and has been around for thousands of years.  I committed my life to this practice because of what an integral part of my life this therapy has been, and how it has helped my loved ones.

What was your “eureka” moment in bringing DIY Cupping Therapy to the United States marketplace?

LURE Essentials was founded purely out of necessity. After seeing my husband suffering excruciating and chronic muscle pain and joint inflammations due to strenuous training in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), I decided to take matters into my own hands. You see, regular high-impact workouts are no easy task. They leave muscles stiff, restrict mobility and cause persistent aches in the back, shoulders, neck and lower body that can easily turn into a real detriment for passionate athletes. This is when I realized the need for a natural, efficient and an inexpensive alternative, and recalled the endless benefits of a traditional Cupping Therapy from my own childhood, long-known for its holistic effects on health and wellness. This was my inspiration for LURE Essentials – now the leading brand in health and wellness products.

What are the health benefits of cupping?

Cupping therapy has endless benefits, both therapeutic and cosmetic. Facial cupping, in particular, offers an effective and non-invasive way to tone, lift and sculpt your face, visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce under-eye puffiness, help clear sinus congestion, reduce headaches, stimulate collagen, clear toxins via lymphatic drainage, improve depth and efficacy of any skincare product, relieve TMJ, tooth pain and facial tension.

Cupping massage has also been known to help activate the lymphatic system (detox), visibly and effectively reduce cellulite, release and restore fascia (which contributes to the appearance of cellulite, increase circulation and Qi (CHI) energy, reduce inflammation, muscle, and joint pain, accelerate muscle recovery time, improve flexibility & mobility, boost collagen & elastin (resulting in less visible stretchmarks), and support any weight loss program by helping to tone and shape waist, legs, arms, thighs & buttocks.

What parts of the body do you recommend cupping?

With LURE Essentials strategically designed and developed cupping kits, cupping can be done on nearly any part of the body. We have cupping sets for both face, eyes and lips as well as for effectively toning and shaping your body, and using dynamic cupping techniques, cupping can assist in improving appearance of cellulite, increasing mobility, relieving muscle and joint pain, shortening recovery time, increasing circulation, and relieving for sinus, colds, and cough.

What are the hazards of cupping?

It is important to follow safety guidelines with any kind of treatment. For face cupping, our protocol is to keep the cup moving/gliding at all time, or apply flash cupping (squeeze & release method). Never leave your cup static in one position on your face to avoid broken capillaries or hickies. Do not pull on skin, anchor it with your other hand and use sufficient amount of oil for an easy glide/massage.  Those who are pregnant, suffer from heart conditions, blood clots, cancer, are on blood thinners, have varicose veins, or other medical conditions.

How can someone do cupping on themselves? Do you provide any tutorials?

Lure Essentials is the pioneer in at-home cupping, having essentially created this market.  We did this by developing a user-friendly system with easy-to-use kits made with cups that are strategically developed and made with durable, antimicrobial, and flexible material.  Directions are below, and we also have a full cupping guide detailing how to use each of our individual products that can be shared upon request as well. We also provide support, educational material, and video tutorials.  Our friendly staff is always here to help customers as they get started on their cupping journey!


  1. Apply oil (e.g., Coconut, Argan, Jojoba) to skin.
  2. Squeeze the cup and apply to skin to create suction.
  3. Use flash cupping (squeeze & release) technique or sweeping/gliding massage strokes.
  4. Apply your regular skincare serum, cream or treatment.
  5. To prevent cupping marks, keep the cupping moving at all times.
  6. Do not cup over new scars, acute acne, raised moles, sunburn or other skin inflammations.
  7. Enjoy a glowing youthful looking skin.

Do you engage in cupping on yourself and what benefits have you experienced?

I cup on myself all the time! Even if this wasn’t my line of work, I would integrate cupping into my daily regimen, and encourage everyone I know to try cupping massage techniques.  The effectiveness and the ease of use of this holistic modality is what led me to start this business in the first place and dedicate my life to spreading the important message of healthy living and wellness to people around the world in an all-natural, easy-to-use way. Like many of our customers, once you try it, you’ll be hooked!

Where can people buy your cupping products?

All products can be purchased directly from our website –

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