Peter Green’s Cancer Journey: From Diagnosis to Recovery

February 19, 2018

“WE FOUND SOMETHING.” When Peter Green first heard those terrifying words his entire life changed. The diagnosis was brain cancer. It shook him to the core. His dreams came to a halt. Right then, he knew he had to concentrate on getting well for his young son and those who loved and counted on him. […]

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Wellness Warrior, Fred Bollaci, Demonstrates How to Lose Weight While Dining Out

February 12, 2018

Fred Bollaci enjoyed living a life where he could eat out at the best restaurants worldwide, but he was constantly struggling with his weight. Because of this, he became determined to find a way to lose weight and still eat out. Since then, Fred has lost 150 pounds and has kept it off without giving […]

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Transforming Loss to Growth: Meet Wellness Warrior: Joffre McClung

February 5, 2018

Fort Worth resident Joffre McClung is a spiritual author and an independent filmmaker. She faced an eight-year period of tremendous loss in her life and instead of allowing it to negatively impact her life, McClung used her 30 years of spiritual practice to delve deeper into her inner work, and heal her past hurts, negative […]

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