Conversation with Dr. Kathy Gruver on Alternative Medicine

August 27, 2018

Meet Dr. Kathy Gruver,, who has written three popular books on health and appeared on over 200 radio and TV shows as a guest expert.  Dr. Gruver, who received a PhD in Natural Health, discusses the role of alternative medicine in keeping healthy and pain-free. Read our interview with one of our favorite Wellness Warriors! […]

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Being Accountable for Wellness with Wish Route

August 20, 2018

Meet Jess Lynch, a Salonpas® Wellness Warrior with a lifelong passion for health and wellness and helping others. She founded a start-up called Wish Route which is an accountability service that gets users unstuck on their wellness intentions, like exercising and eating healthy, and taking action. What was your inspiration to create Wish Route?  When was […]

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Adding Fresh Air, Vegetation and Socialization to Senior Living Center

August 13, 2018

What is the role of vegetation, fresh air and socialization in helping senior citizens live a healthier, more vigorous life?  Meet Kimberly Pero, Regional Vice President for the South Florida Region for Greystone Healthcare Management, who believes that these are critical elements in ensuring seniors live a healthier and longer life. Pero is overseeing the […]

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Dr. Ming Wang: Inspired Life Against the Odds

August 6, 2018

Meet Dr. Ming Wang, a Salonpas Wellness Warrior and one of the top ophthalmologists in the world, whose meager prospects as a Chinese immigrant were overcome to achieve great goodness in the world. Dr. Wang’s inspiring life is a veritable prism of accomplishments realized, against all odds. Among his life’s highlights: As a young boy, he […]

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