Dana Beck: Vitamin-Driven Wellness Warrior

January 27, 2020

Dana Beck, CEO of Drink Nutrient, a functional beverage company, transformed from someone who constantly resorted to painkillers, to focusing on nutrition and hydration. She grew up with chronic back pain, which lead to a major back surgery at a young age in an attempt to alleviate her discomfort. Doctors told her she would need […]

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Keep Safe with Snow & Ice

January 20, 2020

“Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers.” – Kahlil Gibran.  With that beauty comes caution and some tips to snow shoveling and avoiding icy spills. Cold weather can be a pain in more ways than one!  Freezing temperatures, ice and slippery snow can also wreak havoc on your body in surprising—and avoidable—ways. From […]

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