Wellness Warrior: Dr. Mark Sherwood

September 7, 2020

The Salonpas® “Wellness Warriors” series connects with Dr. Mark Sherwood about the quest to achieve wellness during the pandemic. Dr. Mark and his wife, Michele L. Neil-Sherwood, DO, have a successful medical practice, the Functional Medical Institute;  a television and radio program; as well as, provide resources, including their Amazon bestseller, The Quest for Wellness, Fork Your Diet, Surviving the Garden of Eatin‘, nutrition plans, fitness instructional videos, and helpful mental and emotional steps to provide relief from stress and to help people form better habits so they can live well.

How has your business changed since the pandemic?

Actually, our business has not changed that much. In reality, it has probably increased. We draw a clientele that really wants to attain and maintain wellness. This current pandemic has awoken people, driving them to do their part at building their immune system.

What advice do you give your clients to secure their best health during these challenging times?

Best health is quite attainable during challenging times. It just takes the ability to adapt. We cannot let life or stress control us, rather we must take control of both. All of us are given 1,440 minutes per day. These are minutes given, whether stressed or not, and, whether challenged or not. It is up to us how to spend those valuable moments.

Many gyms nationwide are still closed, what options do you recommend for people?

We tell people to get outside and walk more. There’s always push-ups, planks, and sit ups as well. Even though the gyms are closed, we are not limited with exercise. Actually, getting outside has proven to be a blessing in disguise for many.

During times of stress, are there certain nutrients we should make sure we get more of?

Certainly, during times of stress, valuable vitamins and minerals can be depleted. Mainly, it is important to optimize vitamin C, D, A, and E. Further, zinc and omega-3’s should be optimized as well.

What is your nutritional philosophy for your clients?

Our nutritional philosophy is as follows: There is no such thing as a diet. The word diet contains the word DIE as the first three letters of the word. No one wants to die, so why would we ever want to go on a diet? We believe we have to adopt a new American/healthy lifestyle that can be in endured and enjoyed forever. We do not endorse weight loss. We seek to improve body composition by lowering the excessive yellow fat stores and improving lean mass tissue. We seek to accomplish this with a vital nutrient supply through fresh and raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and quality protein. It is important to stay as close to nature as the raw food is designed. The more food is processed, the less nutrition it provides to run our human engines. Each person that comes to us for care is looked at as a unique individual. We customize their nutritional protocol for them based on their specific needs.

Please describe a typical day in your life; from when you wake up to when you retire.

Our typical day is very predictable.  Michele and I usually awake around 5:00 AM. We share coffee, Bible reading, discussion, and prayer. We go to the gym about 6 o’clock. We leave the gym about 7:30 to travel to the office for a full day’s work. Normally, we see our first patient at 8:00 AM and our last one beginning at 4:00 PM. Oh yes, we don’t forget lunch between noon and 1 o’clock, which really is our first meal (think intermittent fasting). During lunch, we sometimes head out for a walk around our building complex. After finishing our day around 6:00 PM, we travel home for dinner. Generally we finish dinner by 6:45 and then wind down until about 8:30 when we head to bed.

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