Natural Healing with Dr. Kathy Gruver

December 14, 2020

gruverRead our  interview with Dr. Kathy Gruver,, who discusses the importance of topical OTC analgesic products when addressing muscle and joint pain issues and the role that proper nutrition plays in a healthy lifestyle.  Read part one and two of our interview with Dr. Gruver.

Q. Do you recommend topical OTC analgesic products available in patches, foam, gel or spray or pain relievers in the form of a pill or tablet?  Why?

I really like patches, which I’ve been using since the 90s. They are easy to apply and stay on for much more time than the creams and gels. As far as pills or tablets, I don’t really have a preference as it is whatever works for the individual.  I have used the Salonpas patches personally and with my clients for many years.

Q. Can food play a role in healing pain? 
Nutrition is a big part of our health and can definitely contribute to or help alleviate pain. There are many inflammatory foods such as trans-fats and wheat that can aggravate pain conditions with some people. Food sensitivities can play a role in joint pain, and I do believe that most of us are deficient in many vitamins and minerals. We have a pretty bad diet overall. And even if we are eating enough fruits and vegetables, our soils are depleted and I believe we’re not getting enough vitamins and minerals. I have had a lot of clients who suffer from leg cramps and muscle aches, which are generally alleviated after they start taking magnesium and other electrolytes.

Q.Why did you author The Alternative Medicine Cabinet and how has this book helped people?

I found myself very much enjoying helping one person at a time in my office. But I wanted to reach more. I started writing articles for local and national publications and realized I could turn all of my information and knowledge into a book. The Alternative Medicine Cabinet was born. One of the reasons I do so much studying and learning is to help other people. For me to have the knowledge and not share with others seems like a waste of my time and talents. There is so much information out there about alternative medicine and how integrative techniques can help you. I wanted to create a book where you can get a lot of information in small amounts. I divided my book into many small chapters so that no matter where you turn you get a pearl of wisdom. It’s easy to understand and not only a great reminder for people that are versed in alternative medicine and a wonderful primer for people who want to learn more.

Q.How do you keep fit, healthy and pain-free?  What is your diet, exercise and relaxation program?

So much of being healthy is a state of mind. I try to control my stress response with things like mini-meditations and visualization. I exercise a lot and really try to live my life with a positive outlook and enthusiastic outlook. Everyone assumes several things about me since I’m into natural health. They assume I’m a vegetarian. No, I am a rational meat eater. They assume I do yoga. No, I do hip-hop dance and flying trapeze. They assume I meditate all day and listen to beautiful relaxing music. See above about hip-hop dancing and flying trapeze.

We can’t make assumptions about how people should live their lives to be healthy. As I said before it has to be an individual thing. I eat the best whole foods I can. I avoid things like genetically modified foods and artificial components like high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweetener. I do the best I can to enjoy myself and take time to put me at the top of my list. I control my stress response and I relax when I can.

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