Keeping Seniors Strong, Mobile & Independent

April 26, 2021

Rachel Baer, Yoga Keeps Me Fit, helps keeps seniors strong, mobile and independent. As a wellness warrior for seniors, Rachel leads seniors in chair yoga and teaches them about preventing falls. Due to the pandemic, she is currently teaching sessions via Zoom as the senior centers are closed. Salonpas sat down with Rachel to learn more about […]

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Lymphedema Therapist Holistically Heals Post-Surgical Patients

April 19, 2021

Kathleen Lisson is a a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and Board Certified Massage Therapist in San Diego. She help clients heal holistically from plastic surgery including liposuction, Brazilian butt lift and tummy tuck with lymphatic massage, guided meditation, postop exercises and nutrition tips. Salonpas sat down with Kathleen to learn more about her world: What does […]

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Is Your Body Hungry or Your Soul? – Interview with Bracha Goetz on New Memoir

April 12, 2021

Bracha Goetz is a Harvard educated author of 38 picture books for children who talks with Salonpas about how she overcame food addictions and inspires others to do so. Her memoir, Searching for God in the Garbage, is an extremely candid memoir about overcoming food addictions joyfully. She welcomes her readers to a transformative experience that asks, […]

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Meditating to Center: Meet Tony Pham

April 5, 2021

Tony Pham started meditating in 2010 during a difficult time when he began to question all the stories people told him about who he was supposed to be. He has sat in multiple 10-day silent meditation retreats. Over the past five years, he has guided meditation for hundreds of people across North America. Salonpas sat down with Tony to learn more […]

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