Hormones and Wellness with Dr. George E. Sadowski

August 30, 2021

After a successful career as a surgeon, George E. Sadowski, MD founded Nourishing Biologicals on the belief that a clear, healthy complexion is within the reach of everyone. With a background and specialty training in molecular biology and biochemistry, he developed and created a comprehensive skincare solution dedicated to the science behind beautiful, healthy skin. Salonpas interviewed Dr. Sadowski on the role of hormones and wellness:DrGeorgeSadowski

How does someone know they have a hormonal deficit?

If you are young, a hormonal deficit can manifest itself as a constellation of symptoms that indicate you are not feeling well or you are not keeping up with others your age. When you are older, hormonal decline is as inevitable as aging itself. During the aging process, every parameter of human performance including hormone levels declines. In addition, our ability to absorb nutrients and the ability of the body to heal itself is constrained. It is a formula for planned obsolescence.

It makes no sense to accept declining hormone levels based on what is considered normal for each decade of life when each increasing decade of life is accompanied by an increasing level of debility. If debility is a result of low hormone levels, why not bring them up to where they were when you felt better?  We should not accept the world the way it is but look for ways to improve it by bringing modern technology to enhance our lives.

How can one correct their hormonal deficit to restore their health and stamina?

In order to correct any hormonal deficiency, you first need to establish that a deficit exists and to what degree. That means testing and evaluation by a functional/integrative medicine physician. Treatment then can take place. Repeat measurements are frequently necessary to achieve safe levels.

How do you balance your wellness and hormone related practice with that of being a surgeon?  Are there lessons learned for patients – i.e., wellness advice that could keep them out of the surgical suite?

I am a colo-rectal surgeon by training but I have developed an interest in functional medicine and really like how it can change a person’s life when applied properly. Now I look at patients differently and I pay more attention to their overall health and what they look like and guide them more in terms of prevention; especially if I see that they are not taking care of themselves. As far as their immediate surgical problems, it’s too late for prevention at that point and it just needs to be fixed. The whole idea of prevention has had a major impact on our family and we certainly try to live up to it.

How important is exercise and do you recommend it to your patients?

If inactivity is a cause of disease then how active do you want to be? The answer is, active enough to avoid any disease which amounts to about 45 minutes of aerobic activity with some resistance training most days of the week. This of course can be modified depending on risk. Patients who suffered a near fatal cardiac event in the past exercise every day because they don’t want to experience another one which they may not survive.

Do you recommend that your patients use OTC topical analgesic medications like from Salonpas if possible vs. oral OTC pain relievers?  If so, why?

In functional medicine we try to find a cause of the problem. We are not interested in just masking the symptoms, although at times this may not be avoidable. Topical analgesic applications are preferable to those ingested for a variety of reasons including lower dosages, degree of absorption and effects on other body parts including the liver where all toxins are broken down.

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