Swimming for Fitness & Pain Relief

August 15, 2022

Swimming is an ideal low impact aerobic conditioning exercise that is easy on the back and supportive for the spine. Unlike running, swimming causes very little impact on your spine structures as water supports your body and relieves stress all over your body and relieving painful pressure.

Woman doing aqua fitness with swim noodles.

Swim for Pain Relief

All of us who deal with back pain, generally opt to avoid exercise. However, physicians universally say that too much rest causes the muscles that support the lower back to weaken resulting in increased pain.

For people who have back, joint or musculoskeletal pain, swimming is an ideal exercise. Swimming regularly will improve stamina, heart health, improve flexibility, build more muscle strength, particularly in the shoulders, back, legs and core and improves balance.

A study published in Spine Journal examined how swimming exercises could help with chronic back pain. The study found that water exercises improved disabilities and quality of life better than other types of exercise performed outside of the water. Several other studies have shown swimming to be more effective for improving symptoms of arthritis and fibromyalgia patients than other forms of exercise.

Types of water activities often recommended, and available at your local YMCA or other facility include, water aerobics, swimming laps, and even noodling around with a ‘pool noodle.

Swimming is a great exercise option for people who suffer from mild to moderate to chronic pain.

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