Wellness Platform Shakes Up Status Quo

March 29, 2021

1AND1 LIFE is a mental health, lifestyle, and fitness platform ran by two very successful African American Men made to educate their readers on essential topics of race, mental health, fitness, and wellness. Salonpas sat down with the co-founders Corey Lewis and Thomas Drew who created this platform because they believe that while fitness is no longer […]

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Digital Physical Therapy Takes Off

March 22, 2021

Nick Salinas is a doctor of physical therapy and owner of Functional Movement Therapy, PLLC. Salonpas sat down with Nick to learn more about Functional Movement Therapy, a digital physical therapy & wellness company focused on providing answers, treatment, and results to people all over the US – at the click of a button.  The company’s expertise […]

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Meet Butch Phelps – Muscle Therapist and Salonpas Wellness Warrior

March 15, 2021

Butch Phelps, B.S., LMT is a muscle therapist, who owns the Muscle Repair Shop in Sarasota, Florida, whose mission is to help people stop their chronic pains at any age. He created the Stretch n’ Release Technique that identifies the true cause of the pain, provides tools to solve the pain, and sends custom videos […]

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New Recommendation: Use Topical Pain Relievers First, When Treating Certain Injuries

March 8, 2021

This article was originally filed in KnowYourOTCs.org. Musculoskeletal injuries – like those that impact the ankle, neck, and knee – are common and lead to many visits to the emergency room (ER) or doctor’s office. In fact, 15% of all ER visits and three out of four injuries treated in doctors’ offices are musculoskeletal injuries. While these injuries rarely […]

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Pain-Free Fitness with Mariah

March 1, 2021

Mariah Heller is the Owner and Creator of Pain-Free Fitness who helps busy professionals get pain-free in 10 minutes a day. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Massage Therapist, chronic pain educator, lecturer, gym co-founder, NPC bikini competitor, and coach for over a decade. Mariah has worked with hundreds of clients over the course […]

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