Mask Matters – N95 Substantial Equivalent is Gold Standard for Protection

January 4, 2021

Masks at Provide 96% Effectiveness Against Virus

The vaccine is here and more and more people will be immunized but it is still important to wear a mask when outside says Dr. Bob Arnot. Dr. Arnot, has over 44 years of experience in medicine where he has run an emergency medicine service of nearly 100 hospitals, served as chief medical correspondent for NBC’s DatelineToday and Nightly News shows, medical correspondent at CBS News, and continues today covering the pandemic for a variety of national and international broadcasting platforms from Larry King and Fox to PBS and Al Jazeera.

During COVID, Dr. Arnot has been collaborating with one of the country’s leading medical centers to bring the latest advances to the medical community and general public.

“The onset of the recent COVID 19 pandemic has been a significant experience for everyone,” says Dr. Arnot. “For myself, with schools about to open and my seven-year-old second grader eager to go back, I volunteered to buy the local schools masks. Fortunately, several new studies had come out to serve as guides. The first was a review in Lancet of 172 observational studies, demonstrating a large reduction in the risk of infection with masks. They concluded that the N95 masks offered 96% protection against the virus, Surgical masks offered only 67% protection.”

“Then Duke University did an excellent comparison of a large range of masks ranking a fitted N95 as the best, followed by surgical and poly/cotton masks. At the bottom of the list were bandanas and fleece. I tried to purchase the N95 mask for the schools but found them in short supply since healthcare providers needed them so desperately. I also found they were hard to breathe through, difficult to fit and very tough to wear all day long in school.”

“Then I came across a new category, the N95 substantial equivalent. What does that mean? It means that the mask provides 95% or greater protection against the virus just like the hospital N95 but with ear loops instead of a band around the back of the neck. In fact they are cleared by the FDA for use during surgery. This seemed like a perfect solution since buying them wouldn’t detract from the heroic efforts of our healthcare providers and would offer my son, his friends and teachers the ultimate protection.”

“I ended up purchasing 1,000 Air Queen masks with their FDA 510k approved N95 substantial equivalent classification and their paper light all day comfort fit for three local elementary schools. As a US Ski Team and Olympic Games physician I ran a physiology laboratory. What impressed me most was how the Air Queen effected physiology with a lower heart rate, lower skin temperature, lower CO2 levels and vastly easier breathing effort.” 

“I believe a big part of beating COVID is in having the vast majority of the public wearing masks that really work! As a bottom line, the safest mask is the one you’ll wear and trust. You’ll wear a feather light mask with great ease of breathing and you’ll trust a mask the with FDA clearances and advanced testing that Air Queen has earned.”