Dr. Aristotle Economou on Changing the Way You Heal

October 20, 2014

Dr. Aristotle Economou, a leading practitioner of alternative medicine in Beverly Hills, understands first-hand the difficulties that patients go through when dealing with a personal health challenge. In 2006, an event occurred that turned his life upside down and put his years of clinical experience in functional medicine to the ultimate test. Over a short […]

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Role of Physical Therapy in Reducing Pain

October 13, 2014

Interview with Dave Endres, Physical Therapist and Co-Founder of SPEAR Physical Therapy in New York City After graduating from Touro College, Dave worked for the Board of Education where he treated children with severe physical disabilities and gained extensive experience in an outpatient physical therapy setting.  Dave realized that helping children and adults eliminate or […]

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Are Trapped Emotions the Root of Disease?

October 3, 2014

Interview with Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of the bestselling book, The Emotion Code After working in private practice as a holistic chiropractic physician, Dr. Nelson www.drbradleynelson.com  began to devote all his time to teaching about the body’s innate self-healing powers. A leading authority on how emotions affect health, he is the creator of The Emotion Code, a […]

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Getting Flexible with Dr. Kenneth Hansraj

September 26, 2014

For over 15 years, Dr. Ken Hansraj, www.drken.us, has dedicated his career to the eradication of spine problems.  He discusses his book and core factors and strategies that can be applied to immediately improve the quality of spinal health: Q.Why did you decide to write a book titled “Keys to An Amazing Life: Secrets of […]

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Natural Healing with Dr. Kathy Gruver

September 17, 2014

Read our final part of our interview with Dr. Kathy Gruver, www.thealternativemedicinecabinet.com, who discusses the importance of topical OTC analgesic products when addressing muscle and joint pain issues and the role that proper nutrition plays in a healthy lifestyle.  Read part one and two of our interview with Dr. Gruver. Q. Do you recommend topical OTC […]

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How to Lower Stress with Dr. Gruver

September 12, 2014

Read Part Two of our interview with Dr. Kathy Gruver, www.thealternativemedicinecabinet.com, who discusses the importance of de-stressing in today’s bustling, over-committed society. The first part of our interview is available here: Q.How do you recommend that people de-stress? I think the ways that people de-stress is a very individual process. Massage is great as are things […]

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Holistic Pain Management Interview with Dr. Sylvia Hesse

August 28, 2014

Wellness warrior and orthopedic medicine guru, Dr. Sylvia Hesse, www.sylviahessemd.com, strongly believes in a holistic approach in providing musculoskeletal medical care to her patients at her busy NYC practice. “Topical analgesic medication, like a cream, gel, patch, or spray, provides a welcome alternative for pain sufferers, including those who prefer to avoid the use of […]

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Pam Shriver’s Sweet Spot for Fitness

August 25, 2014

Born on the fourth of July, Pam Shriver epitomizes the American woman in all its red, white and blue glory.  A former tennis professional, mother of three and tennis broadcaster for ESPN, Pam is incredibly busy, but still squeezes in time for health and fitness. During her 19-year career starting in the late 1970’s and continuing […]

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Today’s “Seniors” Radiate Vibrancy and Good Health

August 18, 2014

August 21st is National Senior Citizens Day which was originally proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1988.  On this day, we are encouraged to recognize and show appreciation for the value and contribution of senior people to home, family and society.  There is no doubt that our older generation deserves respect and admiration for all they […]

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