Wellness Warriors: Drs. Mark & Michelle Sherwood

January 13, 2020

The Salonpas® “Wellness Warriors” series connects with Drs. Mark and Michelle Sherwood about their quest to help people achieve wellness in every area of their life.

What advice do Drs. Sherwood have for people who want to end 2020 much healthier than when they started it?  “Start the New Year today.  Do not wait for the calendar to turn another day, another month, another year. We have no promise of tomorrow.  Today is always the greatest day to begin.”

How do you define wellness? “Wellness is a word that is defined as being complete and totally well in all four areas of human health and well-being,” says Dr. Mark Sherwood, a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and author.  “These four areas are the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual components. Each area interplays on the next. If one area is out of balance, the whole unit cannot be completely and totally well. It’s like driving a car with three wheels. It’ll move down the road, but not very fast or efficiently.”

Wellness Warriors: Drs. Mark & Michelle Sherwood

When did doctors Mark and Michele decide to work together? “From the moment we met we knew we were a perfect match,” said Dr. Michelle Sherwood, a trained doctor of Osteopathy and author. “Our clinical skills, past fitness and academic background as well as our passions blended perfectly to expand the Functional Medical Institute.”

What was the inspiration behind that?  “We were both on a mission to change healthcare in the state of our nation,” says Dr. Mark Sherwood. “With a burning passion and desire to work ourselves out of a job by eradicating all self-induced sickness and disease as well as chronic overuse of medications, we knew two hearts of passion would be better served together.”

What is the Functional Medical Institute about? “The Functional Medical Institute is a place of healing and not a place of disease management,” says Dr. Michelle Sherwood.  “When an individual comes to the Functional Medical Institute they are seeking total wellness. As practitioners at the Functional Medical Institute, it is our goal to get to the root cause. Often times the root cause is not what brings a person to the clinic. They come in for back pain but find that their back pain is rooted in an emotional experience from the past. If the pain in your back is rooted to an emotional experience that is in the past, often times, we can’t get well until this issue is addressed.”

What is the purpose of the Wellness Life Academy? “Education is important for personal growth and well-being,” says Dr. Mark Sherwood.  “The Wellness Life Academy is designed to spread the word of wellness to everyone. This academy is a direct access place for practitioners, individuals that are leaders in churches and educational groups. At the Wellness Life Academy, you can find downloadable exercise programs as well as various teachings. It is resource-based with a goal to empower individuals.”

What is your nutritional philosophy for your clients? “Our nutritional philosophy is as follows: There is no such thing as a diet,” says Dr. Mark Sherwood.  “The word diet contains the word DIE as the first three letters of the word. No one wants to die, so why would we ever want to go on a diet? We believe we have to adopt a new American/healthy lifestyle that can be in endured and enjoyed forever. We do not endorse weight loss. We seek to improve body composition by lowering the excessive yellow fat stores and improving lean mass tissue. We seek to accomplish this with a vital nutrient supply through fresh and raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and quality protein. It is important to stay as close to nature as the raw food is designed. The more food is processed, the less nutrition it provides to run our human engines. Each person that comes to us for care is looked at as a unique individual. We customize their nutritional protocol for them based on their specific needs.”

What is your exercise philosophy for your clients? “We advocate exercising in accordance with the uniqueness of a person’s genetic type and personal capacity,” says Dr. Michelle Sherwood.  “If this is a known, we balance the system with both aerobic and anaerobic exercise types. Each is important and is necessary for maintaining optimal body composition long-term.”

What’s a typical day in the lives of the doctors?  “Awake at 4:45 a.m. with coffee and quite time for about 30 minutes.  Gym for one hour.  We then work as medical professionals, healers and hope dealers until 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.   We have dinner at 7:15 p.m. and wind down with reading and more quiet time with bed around 8:30 p.m.”

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