Drug Store News on Topical Growth

May 17, 2023

Drug Store News reports that “some consumers are moving away from NSAIDs—and from oral OTC pain relievers in general—and are seeking topical solutions.”

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Celebrate Salonpas Day with Free Patches at Chicago’s Maggie Daley Park and at TrySalonpas.com

May 11, 2023

“Chicago is my kind of town,” serenaded Frank Sinatra in the iconic song “My Kind of Town (Chicago is). This year Salonpas® is calling Chicago its “kind of town” with Salonpas Day, recognized every year on May 18th as a day celebrating freedom from pain, at Chicago’s Maggie Daley Park. “Chicago’s ‘raz-ma-taz’ ensures that it […]

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Strong Core = Reduced Pain

April 19, 2023

Too often when you read about core strengthening exercises, the editorial and photos all focus on attaining six-pack abs. Improving abdominal muscle strength may prevent back pain by making one less prone to back injuries. Strong core muscles help you maintain balance, avoid clumsy movements and prevent unwelcome strains and sprains. Achieving a stronger abdominal […]

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Salonpas®: #1 MD-Recommended Brand in Pain Relief Patches

March 20, 2023

Exclusively focused on topical pain relief, Salonpas® is the #1 doctor-recommended brand of OTC pain relief patches in the United States (source: IQVIA ProVoice 2021). Learn about our full line of doctor-recommended OTC pain relief patches by reviewing our product pages for: Salonpas® Pain Relief Patch LARGE – The First FDA-Approved OTC Topical Pain Reliever that provides […]

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Pain Sufferers – You are Not Alone

March 6, 2023

Did you know that 20 percent of Americans (over 50M) suffer from chronic pain according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). I you suffer from pain, you are not alone. Multiple factors impact your health related to chronic and acute pain. Multiple Pain Definitions – Acute pain, sub-acute pain and chronic pain represent […]

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Role of Massage with Pain Reduction

February 20, 2023

Salonpas sat down with noted masseuse, John G. Louis, LMT, CIMI – Founder & Director of The Massage Therapy Center of Winnetka, to discuss the role massage can play in reducing pain. John, who has been practicing massage since 1980 has the AMTA Certification (AMTA, Active Isolated Stretch Practicing). He individualizes each treatment based on […]

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Top Ways to Reduce Lower Back Pain

January 23, 2023

Did you know that 80% of adults experience lower back pain at some point in their life? It is a common cause of job-related disability with both men and women equally affected by pain which ranges from dull, continual aches to abrupt, harsh sensations that can leave the person debilitated. What causes lower back pain? […]

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Making (Pain Relief) Resolutions for 2023

December 14, 2022

As we near the start of 2023, resolutions are top of mind.  Are attending fitness classes, pumping iron at the gym or getting in lots of walking steps, for example, activities you resolve to include more of in 2023?  If so, is pain a stumbling block to begin or renew these activities?   

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Stocking Stuffer Filled with Salonpas Relief!

December 5, 2022

For anyone suffering from pain, the holidays can exacerbate their symptoms with all the planning, shopping, cleaning and partying.  A stocking stuffer from Santa that is filled with Salonpas will reduce pain and may foster holiday cheer! New, cost-effective solutions for pain management awaits aching sufferers with the introduction of the Salonpas® Pain Relieving FLEX Patch with Lidocaine 4%!

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Remembering the ‘Thanks’ in Thanksgiving

November 21, 2022

For many of us, the meaning of Thanksgiving revolves around lots of food, a long weekend, football games, parades and family gatherings. The meaning of Thanksgiving has gone through many changes over the years and the global pandemic makes us count our blessings more than ever.  An expression of gratitude for life is what is […]

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