Vital Facts from Dr. Bob Arnot on COVID-19

March 30, 2020

As Covid-19 sweeps our globe, a lot of information is being shared, some of it from people who have no medical credentials.  We sat down with Dr. Bob Arnot, a physician and former Chief Medical Correspondent for NBC and CBS, who also is featured on Salonpas® commercials, who answered our most pressing questions on how […]

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Meet New Salonpas Ambassador: Dr. Jose Colon

March 23, 2020

Jose F. Colon, MD is Medical Director of the Rehabilitation Medicine Center of New York in New York, NY. He has offices on Maiden Lane in the Financial District and Park Avenue on the Upper East Side. He is also Medical Director and President of the Newark Rehabilitation Center in Newark, NJ. He is licensed […]

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How to Apply Salonpas

March 16, 2020

Salonpas features a full line of OTC topical analgesic products that include patches, creams, liquids, sprays and gels.  Take a look at the quick and easy application methods recommended for each of our products on these informative video tutorials: Salonpas® LIDOCAINE PLUS Pain Relieving Cream PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Maximum strength Lidocaine available without a prescription Benzyl Alcohol […]

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Top Ways to Reduce Pain

March 9, 2020

  According to the American Obesity Association, episodes of musculoskeletal pain, and specifically back pain, are prevalent among the nearly one-third of Americans who are classified as obese. People with obesity-related pain represent are part of a national epidemic that includes 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain and 150 million Americans who are overweight […]

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Tips for Weight Loss during Menopause

February 24, 2020

Up until their mid-to-late 30s, most women cannot blame their hormones for unexplained weight gain. Once perimenopause and menopause enters the picture, however, hormones including progesterone and estrogen can wreak havoc on a woman’s physique and self-esteem. Formerly taut stomachs become muffin tops spilling over onto formerly well-fitting jeans. Even many women who maintain a […]

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Top Ways to Reduce Arthritic Pain

February 17, 2020

Arthritis occurs from inflammation in your joints. With overuse or injury, cartilage on the end of the joints can break down, causing a narrowing of the joint space and the bones to rub together. This can lead to swelling, stiffness, and possibly osteoarthritis, the most common and typical type of arthritis. Another type of arthritis […]

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Knee Pain Relief Tips & Techniques

February 10, 2020

Imagine 5 o’clock traffic on a Friday. Traffic is backed up for miles in each direction, and it seems as though the drive home will take hours and the weekend will never begin. The knee is a major highway intersection in the body, connecting tendons, bones, and ligaments. This intersection keeps leg movements smooth, allowing individuals to […]

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Helping Others Thrive with Diabetes

February 3, 2020

Kim Minert is a diabetic who became a diabetes coach with Derail Diabetes who delivers keynotes and works with private clients who need guidance from someone who is in the trenches. Salonpas sat down with Kim to learn more about how she helps others thrive with diabetes: How did this journey begin? As a young […]

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Dana Beck: Vitamin-Driven Wellness Warrior

January 27, 2020

Dana Beck, CEO of Drink Nutrient, a functional beverage company, transformed from someone who constantly resorted to painkillers, to focusing on nutrition and hydration. She grew up with chronic back pain, which lead to a major back surgery at a young age in an attempt to alleviate her discomfort. Doctors told her she would need […]

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